Frequent questions / FAQ

Imagen Preguntas Frecuentes
Is colon hydrotherapy safe?

The colon hydrotherapy machines are safe and do not allow the pressure in the large intestine to exceed 150 millibars, which is much lower than the natural pressure occuring during defecation.

Is it painful?

Colon hydrotherapy is not painful. Neither is the entrance of the cannula into the rectum through the anus, which is what most people are worried about. The cannula is less than 20 millimetres in girth – faeces that normally pass during a bowel movement, are over four centimetres.

Most people relax during the session and really enjoy the intestinal cleansing via colon hydrotherapy.

Are there any side effects?

Colon hydrotherapy has no side effects, let’s not forget that no matter how sophisticated the technique, it only entails cleansing with purified and filtered water.

How long is a session?

The duration always depends on the condition and the requirements of the person. Usually, for someone who has followed the instructions, the session will last between 30 and 50 minutes.

Can I have colon hydrotherapy whilst menstruating?

Yes , the treatment does not interfere with menstruation.

Is there any risk of viral or bacterial contamination from the machine or equipment?

No risk of contamination at all. For any Colon Hydrotherapy treatment, disposable materials are opened in the presence of the patient before the treatment and, at the end, disposed of. In addition, the machine is automatically disinfected after each session.