Letter from the president

Imagen de David Granizo
On behalf of the Board of the Spanish Association of Colon Hydrotherapy, that I have the fortune and honor to chair, I want to send a cordial greeting and invite you to actively participate in all the activities taking place in the association. Our intention is that the Spanish Professional Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (AEHC) is open to all Spanish professionals and serves to enhance their knowledge and skills.

The aim of the Spanish Association of Colon Hydrotherapy is not limited to the organization of an annual congress, but also to offer a service to its associate members, fostering training through courses and other teaching methods and promoting research; in short, do everything possible to improve the level of our profession. The website of the Spanish Association of Colon Hydrotherapy aims to promote information, communication and cooperation among its associate members and between us and the rest of the scientific world. To this end, our website is continuously updated with new additions and improvements that facilitate and encourage communication, scientific exchange and work among professionals and users interested in Colon Hydrotherapy.

Finally, I want to emphasize that the Spanish Association of Colon Hydrotherapy is your association, regardless of different interests, levels of commitment and scope of each of you. From the association I encourage you to contribute any suggestions, ideas and initiatives that you consider appropriate. With the drive and the union of all we can achieve more every day.

I remain at your disposal.

David Granizo Bermejo